What we do?

Government targets have resulted in increased pressure on teachers with regards to planning, evaluating and recording academic work in order to achieve expected targets. Art and creativity are often neglected and having the time and energy to produce stimulating, eye catching displays of their pupils’ work is frequently at the bottom of the list.

Our philosophy is about actively engaging pupils through art and using it to support key topics stipulated in the National Curriculum. Our work involves us spending time in schools with key stage one and key stage two pupils, teaching them how to create exciting 3D collages over a two-day period. Once children have mastered the basic techniques, they will have the skills needed to design and produce their own creations in the future.

The main material used is old newspaper, so projects are cost effective and eco-friendly. Other materials used include tissue paper, water, glue and occasionally paint.

We mount all finished displays so that pupils, teachers and parents can admire the collages and appreciate the effort and hard work pupils have put into different projects to achieve the end result.