Meet The Team

Liz Anderson

Liz Anderson
Founder of Art Solutions

Liz Anderson, Founder of Art Solutions

My background is in primary education, therefore I empathize with the needs of teachers and young children. I am also married to a head teacher so I have a good understanding of the pressure and constraints heads and teachers face. I am passionate about art, love working with children and wanted to uplift schools so I set up Art Solutions to achieve this.

I wanted to create an environment where children could be children and every child could contribute, not just a selected few, no matter what their level of ability, where teachers could learn a new skill and everyone had a good time creating something beautiful. Many schools have been able to use the displays and the children’s experiences of producing them to initiate a whole range of work in other areas of the curriculum.

I also wanted to create projects that involved children in a sustained activity, not just a ten minute slot and wanted to inspire teachers to develop their own techniques and put them into practice.

I feel that we create a space where all the participants can value the process as well as be proud of the end product.  I want the school to be able to stand back and think “WOW!’ Look what we’ve achieved together”.


Sarah Burgess

Sarah Burgess
Team Member

Sarah Burgess, Team Member

I have recently joined Art Solutions and have enjoyed the positive contribution it is making to the children and staff in the schools we visit. Seeing the excitement of the children and the wonder as they see their work displayed is inspiring.

In the past I have trained at art school and worked as a graphic and interior designer, with a keen interest in photography and dry point etching.

With a young family of my own, I have taken a keen interest in the way the education system has developed and have been able to be involved in my children’s school in many ways.

It has been a concern of mine that the National Curriculum has made it very hard for schools to give enough time and money to art, which has resulted in the loss of very important skills for children. Through art we can teach children to observe the world around them in a creative way. This can be the key for some children and provide them with the self-confidence to express themselves creatively. This may be the motivation some children need to improve their ability overall.

From my own experiences I have learned that visual arts have a very important part to play throughout our lives, and we should be passing on these valuable skills to our children. We need people who can design and build for the future.

Chrissie Joy

Chrissie Joy
Team Member

Chrissie Joy, Team Member

I attended art college, various evening classes and development workshops. I joined Art Solutions three years ago, and have really enjoyed being involved in such a fantastic opportunity to see children have so much fun and witness creativity.

The projects we offer have evolved over time and we are introducing new ones all the time. I find it very rewarding and satisfying to work with children and adults in a real team building atmosphere.

I have seen how this work enables children to get in touch with their own inner artist, and how this can influence other areas of their curricular work in a positive way. They are learning about our planet and expressing themselves through the creative process we teach.

We have and continue to receive a great deal of positive feedback from all the schools we work with.