Here’s what the children had to say…

And here’s some more feedback we’ve received…

Quotes taken from a book of Thank you sent by Mountnessing Primary School, Brentwood

Dear Liz,

Following your visit to our school we held a writing competition, where the children were asked to write a fantasy story based on characters or settings that they had created with your team. I enclose some of their submissions. I am so pleased that two fun, creative (and very busy!) days were enjoyed so much by staff, pupils, parents and other members of the community. They are still talking about it!

Mrs P Ward Head teacher St. Cedd’s Cof E (VA) Primary School.


Dear Liz, Chrissie and Sarah,

The staff and children would like to thank you so much for the wonderful two days you spent working with us. It was an enjoyable and very productive experience and the results are truly amazing. We have had many positive comments from governors, parents and members of the community.

Thank you again and we hope you have a happy Christmas!

Best wishes

The staff and pupils of Kersey School


Dear Art Solutions,

Thank you for helping us to make lovely displays for our school. You showed us how to make amazing models from tissue, newspaper and glue. Our favourite animals are the squirrel, stoat and snake. Thank you again for a great two days.

Sharanna, James and Aimee Beth.


Dear Art Solutions,

Thank you for a great two days of the best art in the world. We did not realise that a piece of card and some newspaper would turn into such realistic woodland animals.
We hope you had a brilliant time like us. Thank you also for making the school look superb!

Harry, Cerys, Emily and Holly


Dear Art Solutions,

Thank you for two brilliant days of art. We all enjoyed working in teams and now our school looks like a real forest. We can’t wait for you to come back.

Oliver, Archie and Keira

Quotes taken from thank you letters written by pupils from St John’s C of E Primary School

Dear Liz, Chrissie and Sarah,

I am writing to you to thank you for coming to our school to help. It was amazing what we achieved together, also I had so much fun. The displays were brilliant once you had put all of them up. When I was assigned to the dragon I was overjoyed, It was fabulous and looked like a real Chinese dragon.

I found out that in the old Chinese times only the emperor was allowed to have a dragon or you could get executed, just for having a pretend dragon! When it was completed our dragon looked like an elegant dragon quickly flying across the boards. Thank you so much for coming to our school. We would never have been able to do the displays without you!



For the two days you came to our school you created so much fun for all of us Lucy

There was so much laughter and you could see the excitement on everyone’s face. It was a great feeling. We had created a fantastic display and had a good time as well.



I really thank you for your patience and kindness to us. I really had fun.



In the end the palace looked terrific! As we carried it through to the hall I felt a sense of achievement engulfing me. My group and I had worked really well together and we had completed something amazing.



Thank you so much for giving your time to help us with this extraordinary project! Your inspiration has brought the school’s art work to new heights. All three of you helped around the school and made a massive difference. You were great and I hope you continue spreading your talent throughout many schools! Thank you.