Planning Your Art Project

After an initial discussion, we will visit your school (if you are within a 50 mile radius) or arrange to have further discussions by telephone to go through your specific requirements, so we can understand how you intend to use the collages. We are happy to meet teachers during a staff meeting, if this is helpful. We are also willing to visit schools further afield, but please note that all travel and expenses incurred will be charged at cost.

Once a theme has been selected, we will plan the project and send you a short list of items to be ordered in advance and clear instructions of what needs to be in place before we start.

All other preparation is done by us.

Day One

On the first day we will meet all children and adults involved and show them the basic techniques they will be using throughout the project. The children then return to their classroom to start working on the chosen theme. Staff from Art Solutions will circulate the classroom, offering help and advice as and when it’s needed.

Day Two

At the end of the second day, we collate all the work to create a colourful display and mount it in a suitable place that has been agreed in advance by the school. When the children come to school the next day, they experience the “WOW” factor when they see the 3D displays because they reflect all the hard work and enthusiasm they contributed throughout project.

We mount all finished displays so that pupils, teachers and parents can admire the collages and appreciate the effort and hard work pupils have put into different projects to achieve the end result.


The main material used is old newspaper, so projects are cost effective and eco-friendly. Other materials used include tissue paper, water, glue and occasionally paint.

Themes covered

All themes have been carefully selected because we believe it’s important that children feel inspired and excited about what they are going to be creating. We always try to ensure they involve the whole school and that they are relevant for the entire year.

The majority of our themes also compliment key topics covered in the National Curriculum and serve as invaluable learning support tools. Below is a list of our current themes:

On occasion we have run projects on specialised themes such as: the Victorians, World War II, Mister Men, Superheroes, Traditional tales and British iconic figures (e.g. Beatles and Mary Quant). Our current offering permits schools to select two different themes, one that is relevant to key stage one pupils and one that is relevant to key stage two.